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Whether you travel by airplane, rental car or stay at a hotel, you can now protect yourself and your space seamlessly. Easy to Use, Safe and Long-Lasting.

Gentle, Long-Lasting Defence

Safety, While At Work

Keep safe at work with products that protect you and your work space. Simple to Use, Safe and Effective.

For Maximum Protection

Protection day in, day out

Breeze through your daily life with long-lasting protection for your hands, home, office or car Safe, Easy-to-Use and Enduring

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Our Story

We have taken on the task of protecting you and your loved ones. Leveraging on the latest advanced nanotechnology, BLX strives to improve the level of protection as you go about your daily lives. And we do so, in a safe and responsible manner.

Think all day protection for your hands, up to 30 days for your home, office or car via a water-based, alcohol-free formula. Our products are unique, designed for everyday use and made of natural ingredients so they are safe to use even on the little ones.

BLX is committed to making you feel protected. Safely, and every step of the way.

About the Technology

Long-lasting, durable, protection

From complete cleaning, disinfection and protection – we’ve got it all. BLX offers an innovative product range that includes Surface Disinfectant and Protectant, Disinfectant and Protectant wipes, and a Hand Sanitiser & Protectant. You can choose to use our products individually or together, as a complete cleaning and disinfectant solution for your homes, cars and spaces.

BLX uses world leading QuatLock™ technology that forms a defensive layer on the surfaces it is applied to. Once sealed, this QuatLock™ offers continuous protection against a daily onslaught of bacteria and viruses. What’s more, unlike traditional antimicrobial products, the QuatLock™ layer is not removed during disinfection – meaning your surfaces remain cleaner and well protected for longer.


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